Application Virtualization with App-V 5 - English Course


Application Virtualization with Microsoft App-V 5 - English Course (Code: AS-MSAVE)


During this four-day instructor-led course you will learn how to work with Microsoft Application Virtualization 5 (including latest changes in Service Packs and Hotfixes). We do not cover the "other" MDOP components which allows much more time for deep-dives and hands on Sequencing.

Delegates will get a complete overview, knowledge and practical information based on the "Microsoft Application Virtualization Platform v5"platform. After completing this course you will have profound knowledge of the App-V platform and (advanced) Sequencing skills using industry best practices.  


  • Package Engineers, System administrators and IT Professionals focusing on desktop- and application deployment.


  • Basic knowledge of Application Management, Client/Server & Server Based Computing is desired, not required.

course outline 

App-V Introduction

  • "What's new?" in the latest released version
  • Introduction in Microsoft Application Virtualization v5
  • Application Management and Deployment concepts
App-V Infrastructure
  • Overview of architecture and implementation of App-V 5
  • Overview and installation of the App-V Components
App-V Sequencing
  • Differences and Enhancements compared to App-V 4.6
  • Configuring your packaging environment for Sequencing and testing
  • Sequencing Virtual Applications from simple to complex
  • App-V Sequencer & Client Deep Dive
  • Applying Sequencing Best practices
    • Classifying applications for sequencing
    • Sequencing limitations
    • Sequencing Add-ons and Plugins
    • Offline deployment using MSI file
  • App-V Application package upgrades
    • Updating sequences
    • Editing existing sequences
    • Adding new applications to existing sequences
  • Using Microsoft App-V Templates
    • Creating Templates
    • Applying AppV Templates
  • Application Connection Groups (plug-ins and middleware)
App-V Migration | Conversion
  • App-V 4 to 5 Migration options and Coexistence mode
  • Converting Packages to App-V 5
App-V Advanced
  • Integration of PowerShell within the App-V Infrastructure
  • Advanced App-V sequencing and scripting techniques
  • Working with Dynamic Configuration XML files 
  • Distributing and Testing Packages using different XML files using SCCM 2012
  • Managing Virtual Applications using Powershell
  • Troubleshooting Microsoft App-V

App-V Management

  • Administring applications using the Management Console
  • App-V Integration & application distribution using SCCM 2012
  • Using Pre-Caching
  • Using the Shared Content Store
  • Using the Administrative template to configure the App-V Client


  • 4 days

course schedule

  • Your training will start the first day at 09.30, the following days at 9.00 
  • Your training will finish around 16.30 daily.

pricing (vat not included)

  • € 2.395,00 per delegate


As part of CSR and being always up to date, AIMED Academy uses digital training manuals that will be presented on an additional display. You will also receive a training manual for future reference. Optionally AIMED offers the AIMED Academy Experience Kit. Please contact us for more information.

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